Come and experience the magic of the Black Sea and Mt Strandzha and you will find your true self.

Here, the bottom line is always the same - fun, sun and lots of great activities that create lifelong memories.
The perfect place to enjoy a variety of water sports and fishing.
The resort village of Varvara offers holiday-makers of all ages a destination for recreation of full value where mountain and sea provide a breathtaking combination.
Situated at the foot of Mount Papia (the highest point in the Strandzha mountain – 501m), 7 km southward from the town of Tsarevo, Varvara possesses a distinct blend of beautiful scenery, mild weather(the summer stretches from early May to late September with average temperatures of 25-30°C), and sandy beaches.

Varvara provides an ideal place for alternative, serene and healthful “get away” from the hustle and bustle of the noisy coastal resorts. 

The sea breeze and the refreshing mountain air harmonize with spectacular rock formation creating the unique atmosphere and charm of Varvara.

Strolling barefoot along the golden sand of the beaches, soaking up the sun, swimming in the emerald green waters will make your stay most memorable.
Those enchanted by the Dardaneli diving area can enjoy themselves while scuba diving or snorkeling in the sparlking water.
The settlement is indicated on Max Simek's 1748 and Christian Ludwig's 1788 map in that area by the marking of the name Vardarah.

The adjacent regions of Varvara are part of Strandzha Nature Park.

Varvara boasts its spectacular nature and local people from various backgrounds, famous for their hospitality who have long attracted many renowned intellectuals, artists, actors, writers, musicians and scholars who can draw true inspiration.

Varvara offers an excellent array of accommodation - from the comfort of the new luxury self-contained hotels and cosy family hotels to the secluded privacy of the old stone-built houses called sharonki.
Sports lovers can enjoy the modern tennis courts and those devoted to mountaineering can explore the ecopaths and nature trails to the Chapel of Virgin Mary and to Mount Papia bearing traces of a Mediaeval fortress.